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Dinner Menu


Bruschetta (4) | 10

House-made Italian bread, toasted and topped with extra virgin olive oil, fresh cherry tomatoes and basil

Shrimp Cocktail (6) | 14.5

Served chilled with cocktail sauce & lemon

Oysters Rockerfeller (6) | 17

Baked on the half shell with spinach, bacon & Sambuca sauce

Roasted Red Peppers | 11.5

With Spicy Italian Sausage | 13.5

Hot & sweet peppers in plum tomato sauce

Appetizer Platter (3)|23 (4)|30

Choose any (3) or (4) combination of appetizers (Portions are 1/2 count)

Garlic Toast (4) | 7.5

With Cheese (4) | 8.5

House made Italian bread toasted with garlic butter

Shrimp Lelli (4) | 14.5

Lightly breaded, sauteed and serve with a herbed buttery lemon sauce

Tenderloin Tips | 14.5

Lelli's famous Tenderloin tips served with a Cajun, bourbon cream sauce with toast points

Escargot Chablisienne | 14.5

Sauteed in a buttery garlic herb white wine sauce

Soups & Salads

Minestrone Lelli | 7.5

Famous house-made creamy vegetable soup with barley

Table-Side Caesar Salad | 10

With Chicken 8.5 | With Shrimp 13
Hearts of romaine, freshly grated parmesan, garlic Caesar dressing

Julienne of Beef Salad | 24

Sliced Filet of beef, havarti, garbanzo beans, tomatoes, pepperoncini & beets on fresh spring greens

House Salad | 8.5

Spring mix of green, cherry tomatoes, garbanzo beans with house-made Italian dressing

Antipasto Salad | 14

Genoa Salami, mortadella, cherry tomatoes, garbanzo beans with house-made Italian dressing

Surf & Turf Salad | 29

Sliced Filet of beef, 2 butterfly shrimp, havarti, garbanzo beans, tomatoes, pepperoncini & beets on fresh spring greens

Steaks & Chops

*Lelli's Traditional/Ala Carte*
Lelli's Traditional - antipasto tray, house salad, minestrone Lelli, spaghetti bolognese and fruit sorbet or spumoni
Ala Carte - with twice baked potatoes and Haricots Vertis French Beans
(No Substitutions)

<b> Filet Mignon |<b>6oz 52/34 |<b> 8oz <b>56/38<b>| 11 oz <b>62/44</b>

Siciliano 5 | Wild Mushroom Sauce 4 | Bleu Cheese 4 | Sauteed Mushrooms 5.5 | Sauteed Onions 5.5

Prime dry-aged filets topped with our original zip sauce

T-bone | <b>85/67</b>

22 oz dry-aged, cut to order

Veal Chop | <b>73/55</b>

16 oz. bone-in with sauteed mushrooms and our famous zip sauce

Sirloin | <b>81/63</b>

18 oz. dry-aged, cut to order

Porterhouse | <b>91/73</b>

32 oz dry-aged, cut to order

Lamb Chops | <b>65/47</b>

14 oz. prime Colorado lamb chops served with our famous zip sauce and mint jelly


Lake Perch | <b>43/25</b>

Fresh filets, lightly breaded, sauteed and served with house-made tartar sauce

English Dover Sole | <b>57/39</b>

Lightly floured, sauteed and topped with toasted almonds

Butterflied Jumbo Shrimp | <b>52/34</b>

Sauteed in a garlic white wine reduction with fresh basil

Lobster Lelli | <b>MP</b>

12 oz. rock Australian tail, lightly-breaded & sauteed, served with a herbed lemon butter sauce

Salmon | <b>49/31</b>

Fresh pacific filet broiled and topped with herbed lemon butter sauce

Shrimp Lelli | <b>49/31</b>

Lightly breaded & sauteed , served with a herbed lemon butter sauce

Lobster Tail | <b>MP</b>

12 oz rock Australian tail with lemon & drawn butter

Alaskan King Crab | <b>MP</b>

Steamed king crab legs with lemon & drawn butter

House Specialties

Lelli's Traditional (antipasto tray, house salad, minestrone lelli, spaghetti bolognese and fruit sorbet or spumoni.
No substitutions.
Ala Carte (with twice baked mashed potatoes and Haricots Vertis French Beans.

Calves Liver | <b>38/20</b>

Lightly breaded & sauteed, served with (optional) crispy bacon and/or sauteed onions

Eggplant Parmigiana | <b>37/19</b>

Breaded & sauteed with baked parmigiana on a marinara sauce

Sea Scallops | <b>MP</b>

Lightly breaded & sauteed crispy, served over a Lemon Asparagus Risotto

Tenderloin Wild Mushroom | <b> 56/38</b>

Sliced tenderloin, served with a sweet cream, wild mushroom, cognac sauce

Seafood Pasta Primavera | <b>MP</b>

House made fettuccine tossed with olive oil, garlic, mushrooms, asparagus, red and yellow peppers and onions. Ask server for details

Chicken Liver | <b>35/17</b>

Sauteed with butter and mushrooms

Chateaubriand | <b>62/44pp.</b>

Center cut tenderloin prepared tableside

Surf & Turf | <b>MP</b>

Build your own!
Any chop or steak with any seafood option

Tenderloin Piccata | <b>56/38</b>

Sliced tenderloin, served with baby artichokes and capers

Veal & Poultry

Add a Veal Combination to any entree.
2 pc | 19
3 pc | 26
4 pc | 33
Add Prosciutto | 6
Add Muenster Cheese | 4

Chicken or Veal Scaloppini

Prepared in one of the following:

Marsala: Sauteed with mushrooms in a marsala wine sauce

Parmigiana: Breaded & baked with parmesan bread crumbs

Siciliano: Breaded in garlic & parmesan bread crumbs

Picatta: Lemon butter sauce with baby artichokes & capers

Lelli: Breaded, sauteed served with lemon butter garlic sauce

Cordon Bleu: Lightly breaded with prosciutto & mozzarella

Cacciatore: Sauteed with mushrooms, red and yellow peppers in a white wine sauce

Chicken 39/21 | Veal 47/29

Veal Del | <b> 48/30</b>

Breaded veal scaloppini sauteed in olive oil, baked with Muenster cheese over palmina sauce

Broiled Chicken | <b>40/22</b>

Charbroiled chicken breast served with Lelli's famous zip sauce


Customizable Pastas | <b>35/17</b>

Your favorite pasta with any of our house-made sauces

Pasta: Fettuccine, Spaghetti, Ravioli (meat or cheese), Gnocchi, Mostaccoli
Sauce: Bolognese, Palmina, Alfredo, Marinara, Clam (red or white)

Meatballs | 6.5

Chicken Breast | 8.5

Melted Cheese | 4.5

Sausage & Peppers | 14

Jumbo Shrimp | 19

Spicy Italian Sausage | 8.5

Carbonara | <b>36/18</b>

Crispy diced bacon and caramelized onions in a creamy parmigiana sauce

Baked Lasagna Lelli | <b>36/18</b>

Layers of spinach pasta, house-made meat & palmina sauces & Italian cheese blend

Tortellini Prosciutto | <b>36/18</b>

House-made, beef filled tortellini with a creamy prosciutto sauce


Cream Spinach | <b>7.5</b>

French Green Beans | <b>6.5</b>

Glazed Carrots | <b>6.5</b>

Sauteed Onions | <b>5.5</b>

Side of Pasta | <b>7.5</b>

Side of Bleu Cheese |<b>4.5</b>

Anchovie Filets | <b>6.5</b>

Asparagus | <b> 6.5</b>

Baby French Peas | <b> 6.5</b>

Sauteed Mushrooms | <b>5.5</b>

Twice Baked Mashed Potato | <b>6</b>

Side of Rice | <b>6.5</b>

Side Sauce | <b>4.5</b>

Side Chicken | <b>8.5</b>


Mr. Lelli's Chocolate Cake |<b> 8.5</b>

House made chocolate cake, mascarpone frosting, fresh strawberries & bananas with a Chambord rum sauce

Tiramisu | <b>8.5</b>

Espresso dipped pound cake with butter cream & Meyer's rum icing (House recipe)

Chocolate Ice Cream | <b>8.5</b>

House made, cocoa enriched whipped moose. Frozen, topped with a dark chocolate sauce

Cheesecake | <b>8.5</b>

NY style cheesecake with choice of raspberry or chocolate sauce (House recipe)

Spumoni | <b>6.5</b>

Layers of pistachio, chocolate & eggnog ice cream

An $19 set-up fee is applied to split entrees.
Ask your server about menu items that are cooked to order or served raw. Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.